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Craving meaningful chats with your kids? Cartoon-Dart-Brettspiele is your secret weapon! No more boring talks—just laughter-filled animal-themed dart fun that's safe, boosts brainpower, and brings families closer. Say hello to quality time they'll beg for every day!


  • Material: plastic,
  • velvet Size: 31.5*46.5cm
  • Function: Decompression exercise
  • Item No.: Dart sticky ball
  • Brand: sticky ball

Product Benefits

  • Facilitates quality parent-child communication
  • Safe, non-threatening dart game for children
  • Animal-themed, attractive design for kids
  • Enhances hand-eye coordination and motor skills
  • Encourages family bonding during play
  • Versatile for family gatherings or parties
  • Long-lasting, durable foam construction
  • Suitable for casual play or as a decorative item

What’s Included in the Package?

  • 1 x target
  • 1 × Hook
  • 10x Sticky Ball
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Why it Works?

It truly works because it's the ultimate bridge between parents and kids! With its safe, animal-themed dart fun, it sparks laughter while building crucial skills, making every playtime a cherished family memory.

Safety Concerns with Traditional Darts

Uses safe, sticky balls instead of sharp darts, ensuring child safety and preventing wall damage.

Need for Versatile Entertainment Options

Doubles as a family game, party activity, or even a stress-reliever, offering versatile entertainment for various settings.

How to Use?

  • Hang the dartboard securely on a wall or door.
  • Ensure a safe distance for throwing the sticky balls.
  • Aim and throw the balls at the dartboard, aiming for high scores or specific patterns.
  • Engage in friendly competitions or practice solo play.

Playful Possibilities Everywhere!

This engaging dart game isn't limited to one spot—it's perfect for home play during family gatherings or quiet evenings. Take it outdoors for a picnic or indoor play during parties. Even your office can benefit from a stress-relieving, laughter-filled game break!

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