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Wagglewisker™ Cat-Powerball

Wagglewisker™ Cat-Powerball

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Tap, Pounce, Play: Cat Powerball Ignites The Chase!

Awakens Hunting Instincts

Cats love to chase and run after moving objects; this is part of their innate behavior. The Cat Power Ball functions to activate your cat’s instincts by imitating the movements of its actual prey, while also providing fun playtime for your cat! 

Playing Modes

Keep boredom at bay! Our Indestructible chewing Toy engages your pet’s mind and body, curbing destructive habits like chewing furniture or excessive barking. This means a happier, more content pet and a calmer home environment.

Intelligently Avoids Obstacles

Equipped with the latest sensor technology, the Cat PowerBall automatically detects obstacles and changes direction. The Ball keeps moving, constantly offering your cat new challenges! 

Gets Quickly Charged

Built with thenewest battery technology, our  Cat Power Ball getschargedin30 minutes. One battery cycle lasts for an amazing 6 hours!

Works On All Types Of Floors

The Cat Power Ball has been designed to work on all types of floors, including high-pile carpets, your cat can even play on the grass with our Ball.

Power Up Playtime: Cat Power Ball's Adventure Awaits!

  • Features A Smart Activation Mode

    Featuring a unique smart mode, the Powerball gets activated with a single tap from your cat. Meaning your cat can play even when you are not home.

  • Lightweight Design

    With a lightweight design, the Cat Powerball is easy to carry and play with.