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Velvet Winter Bedding Set

Velvet Winter Bedding Set

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Sick of cold nights and uncomfortable bedding? Do your bedsheets lose their colors quickly? Well, we have got you covered with our ‘Velvet Winter Bedding Set’!


  •  Full Size(3PCS): 

1xDuvet Cover: 150x200cm /  59x79 inches 

 1xSheet: 180x230cm / 71 x90.5 Inches 

1xpillowcases: 48x74cm /   19x29 Inches

  • Queen Size(4PCS):

1xDuvet Cover: 200x230cm / 79 x90.5 Inches 

1xSheet: 230x240cm/ 90.5x94.5 Inches 

2xpillowcases: 48x74cm / 19x29 Inches/

  • King Size(4PCS) :

1xDuvet Cover: 220x240CM / 87x94 Inches

1xSheet: 230x240cm/ 90.5x94.5 Inches 

2xpillowcases: 48x74cm/ 19x29 Inches

Product Benefits

  • Exceptional Warmth and Comfort: 
  • Long-lasting Color Vibrancy 
  • No-Shed, No-Lint Guarantee 
  • Perfect Fit Every Time
  • Easy Care and Maintenance:  
  • Unique Reversible Design  
  • Complete Room Transformation 
  • Pet-Friendly and Durable 
  • Reliable and Long-lasting Quality

What’s Included in the Package?

  • 1x Velvet Winter Bedding Set
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Why it Works?

Our Velvet Winter Bedding Set stands out for its unparalleled warmth and comfort, combining double-sided thickened coral fleece and soft velvet to ensure a cozy touch that banishes cold nights. The eco-friendly printing material guarantees lasting color vibrancy, addressing concerns about fading.

Showcases a Stable and Mess-Free Design

With nonslip corner ties and a hidden zipper closure, it provides a perfect fit, eliminating the need for constant adjustments.

Easily Washable Design

Our Velvet Winter Bedding Set boasts an easily washable design, allowing for effortless maintenance and care.

How to Use?

  • Ensure Your Comforter is Clean and Fits the Your Bed
  • Open the Hidden Zipper Closure of the Velvet Winter Bedding Set and lay it Flat on Your Bed with the Desired Design Facing Up
  • Once the Comforter is Securely in Place, Zip up the Hidden Closure, Enclosing it Within its Cover

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